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BCS/EXIN Blockchain Foundation

2 Days



Exam Included


BSC/EXIN Blockchain Foundation is a foundation level certification. It validates a professional’s knowledge about blockchain as a ledger with potential as a worldwide, decentralized record for the registration, inventory, and transfer of assets: finance, property, products and intangible assets such as votes, software, health data and ideas.


  • Explain how a blockchain works.
  • Explain what a node is.
  • Differentiate between public, private and hybrid blockchains.
  • Explain how private and public keys are used in a blockchain.
  • Explain the purpose ledgers have in a blockchain.


The course fee includes the exam which is taken at the end of the course if classroom based or if taken as a VCE course, a voucher will be issued for you to take the exam on-line at a date that that suits you. Detail of the process will be communicated within the course

The exam is multi-choice, scenario based. There are 40 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. The pass mark is 65%