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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions and Interpretations

Course(s) means training and education offered by Advance ITSM. Courses consist of Public Courses, Onsite Courses and Live Virtual Environment Courses.

Course Brochure means the current version of the Advance ITSM training and education brochure, which details the contents of Advance ITSM Courses.

Course Documentation means the Course handouts issued to each Delegate.

Course Fees means for Public Courses: the advertised Fees in the Advance ITSM Course brochure, and for Onsite Courses: the agreed daily rate plus expenses.

Course Venue means the location at which Advance ITSM presents its Courses.

Customer means any customer of Advance ITSM.

Live Virtual Environment licence means a Course provided on an individual time-limited licence basis for on-line Courses which may not be transferred.

Examination Fees means the Fees set by the Examination bodies, currently BCS, EXIN and PeopleCert and APM Group. These are additional to Course Fees.

Onsite Courses means a Course provided to a single Customer at a location of their choice.

Public Courses means a fixed programme of Courses taught by one or more instructors at locations determined by Advance ITSM.

Delegate means a person nominated by the Customer to attend a Advance ITSM Course.

2. Booking Process for Public Schedule Courses

Bookings forms completed via the company website will be processed by the Company within 48 hours. On receipt of the booking form the company will contact the Client or Delegate to confirm the booking and Fees payable, at this point the Client or Delegate must sign the Booking form and raise a purchase order and then email or post this to the Company.

On receipt of these two documents the Booking is then confirmed. 4 weeks prior to the training course commences the Delegate will receive confirmation, joining instructions and pre-course reading required before the commencement.

3. Payment Terms for Public Schedule Courses:

All public courses must be paid for in full before the start date of the training course. Failure to pay in full 20 working days in advance of the training course start date may result in the Delegate being removed from the training Course.

4. Fees for Public Schedule Courses:

The Fees payable will be stated on the Booking Form. VAT is payable on all bookings and will be charged at the current rate. The Fees include the Tuition for specified duration, Courseware, refreshments and lunch. Accommodation is not included unless stated on the Booking Form. Any exam fees for resits is payable by the Delegate/Client and must be paid to the company in advance of the resit.

5. Fees for Onsite training and consultancy

5.1 Onsite Course Fees include one copy of documentation (where applicable), and writing aids and materials, but do not include refreshments, Delegate or lecturer accommodation. Onsite Course Fees do not include Examination Fees.

5.2 Live Virtual Environment Fees include a licence for on-line access to a Live Virtual Environment Course for one Delegate only. Licences are limited by time according to the particular licence purchased. Live Virtual Environment licences do not include Examination Fees.

5.3 VAT is payable at the prevailing rate for all Courses held in the UK, irrespective of the nationality of the Delegate. VAT can be reclaimed locally in any country which is a member of the EC.

5.4 Fee Changes: Advance ITSM reserve the right to change Course Fees at any time. Bookings accepted on any Courses before the notification of an increase in Course Fees will remain unchanged.

Examination Fees may be subject to change without prior notice. Advance ITSM reserve the right to pass on to the Customer any increase in Examination Fees.

5.5 Discount Policy: Special offers on Course Fees made by Advance ITSM cannot be used in conjunction with the normal discount policy, where applicable.

6. Payment for Onsite training and consultancy

6.1 On completion of a Course, unless otherwise agreed, an invoice will be sent to the Customer’s Accounts Payable Department.

6.2 The invoice will include expenses at cost, unless otherwise stated.

6.3 All payments must be made in pounds sterling, unless otherwise stated, and cheques should be made payable to Advance ITSM Ltd. Payment will be made within 30 days of the date of invoice.

7. Cancellations, Non-Attendance, Transfers or Substitutions

7.1 Cancellation of a booking: Cancellation charges will be made as follows:

No cancellation charges will be incurred if notice of cancellation is received more than 14 working days before the start date of the Course. A cancellation Fee equal to the full amount of the advertised Course Fee will be charged if notice of cancellation is received less than 14 working days before the start date of the Course.

Once confirmed, Live Virtual Environment licences will be set up and the Customer will be liable to the full Fee if cancelled.

7.2 Transfer Charges for Onsite Training

Transfer of a Course by the Customer to another date made within 10 working days of the Course will incur a 15% administrative charge based on the quoted Course Fees. Transfers made prior to 10 working days before the start date will incur no charges. A Course may only be transferred once. After that the transfer will be treated as a cancellation

7.3 Transfers for Public Schedule Courses

If the Client wishes to transfer the training course to another delegate from the same legal entity as the Client this is possible as long as adequate notice is given to send out any pre-course reading

8. Advance ITSM Cancellations

8.1 Advance ITSM may cancel any confirmed booking for a course by notifying the Customer of such cancellation at any time prior to the scheduled start date of the Course. Advance ITSM will endeavour to give the Customer as much notice as is possible for any such cancellation.

If Advance ITSM is unable to start or complete a course as scheduled because of illness or resignation of a Advance ITSM employee or for any cause beyond Advance ITSM' reasonable control, Advance ITSM will attempt to reschedule the course within a reasonable time. The Customer may cancel the course, without charge, if the rescheduled date is not acceptable. In no circumstances shall Advance ITSM be liable for any expenses incurred by the Customer.

9. Course Changes

9.1 Advance ITSM reserve the right to alter any part of the published Course programme, including date, presenter(s), venue, and content if it is necessitated by circumstances beyond their control. Advance ITSM will use its best efforts to ensure the programme as altered remains as close to the published programme as possible. Advance ITSM shall not be liable for any costs incurred due to Course or programme changes.

10. Documentation

10.1 The copyright of all documentation (including workbooks, handouts and exercises) issued during a Course is the sole property of either Advance ITSM or the licensor as indicated in the material. Under no circumstances should documentation be copied, summarised or reproduced by any means without the written consent of the copyright owner. Should any unauthorised use of any materials be discovered, legal action may be instigated against the offender(s).

11. Use of information by Delegates

11.1 Advance ITSM will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that all Course Documentation is accurate and correct at the time or provision, Advance ITSM accepts no liability for any claims in relation to consequential damage, or for loss of business, profits or revenue incurred by a Customer or Delegate as a result of a Delegate using information derived from a Advance ITSM Course. It is understood that all information supplied to a Delegate during a Course is done so with the proviso that it is subject to the standards, procedures and codes and practices in operation at the individual's place of work as defined by their employer. Therefore, should a Delegate choose to perform action(s) derived from information obtained during a Advance ITSM Course, he/she does so at his/her own discretion.

12. Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions contain the entire terms and conditions in respect of the contract between Advance ITSM and the Customer for the provision of the Courses and may not be amended by any purchase order or other document issued by the Customer unless agreed in writing by a director of Advance ITSM.

12.1 Law English law shall govern the contract between Advance ITSM and the Customer.